Jill’s Corner: Fino File

Fino File founder and Vogue alum, Filipa Fino on post-baby style

Fino File founder and Vogue alum, Filipa Fino has something to say about post-baby style. “Most people think that moms need to transform themselves from the minute they give birth—bye bye Manolos and Chanel bags, hello flats and diaper bags. I, for one, am not a believer in this philosophy,” she says. It’s evident that Fino has mastered the art of balancing a high-flying career and motherhood—in style. “I’m not going to pretend it’s easy,” she admits. “Why is the first week of school always during Fashion Week?”

And now, with her new endeavor, she’s offering savvy moms the ability to do the same with a place to scope the pieces that pull an outfit together. Sporting stilettos with a pair of designer flats in her Goyard bag—monogrammed with her daughter’s initials because diaper bags are a no-no!—Filipa noticed a swell in online purchases of high-end accessories through her selections for the magazine’s website. “In the last three years, I oversaw the accessories content on Vogue.com. I soon discovered the power of the Internet and it became clear to me that the future of publishing was on the web,” she explains. Retailers would call and beg her to post items because her online features would sell out instantly. Women would stop her on the street and show her bags they bought with a click of the mouse. “I had that much power influencing accessory shoppers? I had an aha moment—and Fino File was born,” she says of her latest venture, a digital magazine that offers curated accessories in an editorial context that is also interactive and shoppable. “I want it to become the accessories bible—everything a woman needs to know about accessories for the season and she can shop it with a click.” Fino says.