How to Make a Gingerbread House For a Good Cause

I was thrilled to recently participate in creating an all-white, winter wonderland gingerbread house for Eleni’s Cookies, now being sold on Eleni’s website.

100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to RxArt, a non-profit organization that transforms pediatric hospital facilities into comforting and engaging spaces through site-specific installations created by contemporary artists.

When Eleni asked me to contribute in making a gingerbread house, I jumped at the chance. It’s a great cause and I am the number one fan of her entire Color Me! line–my kids and I love personalizing these cookies! On top of that, gingerbread houses are so much fun for the holidays.

For this one, the inspiration was a winter wonderland cottage covered with lots of treats. I’ve listed the goodies we used below, and broken down the process into a step-by-step in case you’re looking to decorate your own adorable (and edible!) gingerbread house this season. It’s not just tasty, it’s also a festive feast for the eyes.


1. Start with the Eleni’s Color Me! Gingerbread House and edible ink markers.
2. Find candies and gather supplies.
3. Make the royal icing (aim for a thick consistency!).
4. Make “shingle” roof tiles; roll out fondant and cut with rectangular cookie cutter to create tiles. Let each tile rest on a pen to take a rounded shingle shape (I used a Sharpie).
5. Stick chocolate melts around the house with royal icing.
6. Make a border with candy beads around the “lawn,” sticking those on with royal icing (beads available at NY Cake).
7. Fill in the lawn with royal icing and cover in medium-coarse sanding sugar.
8. “Pave” a path to the door using mini sugar balls and royal icing.
9. Tile the roof, starting from the bottom and layering up to the top.
10. Roll out fondant and cut it into the shape of the roof snow. Lay it over the roof to dry. Once it’s dry, cover it with royal icing and sanding sugar.
11. Add gummy hearts to the front of the house with royal icing
12. Add on fun decorations, like the sled and door from Andie’s Specialty Sweets
13. Use Eleni’s edible ink markers to draw people in the windows and to decorate the snowman and trees.

Finally, sit back and admire your “snow”-covered masterpiece.