Create Some Holiday Memories With These Inexpensive Christmas Decorations

Though it’s great to have a stash of those special, precious ornaments, inexpensive Christmas decorations are easy to make and add into your holiday décor. For example, the art that your child makes in school can be transformed into a meaningful DIY ornament with nothing more than a hole-punch and a bit of string. This year, we put some of our favorite quotes and poems on card stock for our tree.

The best part about making and decorating ornaments with your child is the quality time you can spend together. This year, my son Lucas is obsessed with creating origami figures: airplanes, hats, cranes, and boats. This was our favorite DIY project this year:

Origami Ornaments
What you’ll Need:
– 3×3 Colored Oragami Paper (We stuck to our color scheme of red and gold)
– Markers and glitter for decoration
– Hot glue
– Metallic string or twine
– Plastic or glass beads (optional)

Lucas and I created origami different origami shapes out of square paper and guides we found online. Next we used glitter and markers to decorate the figures. I glued the string to the top of each figurine and slipped on a glass bead in a coordinating color.

After we were done decorating the tree, Lucas helped us wrap gifts for his friends and cousins. We use white bags, which he decorates with foam appliqués from a crafts store. Lastly, we enjoy our holiday masterpiece!