How To Make a Fairy House (and Lots of Magic, Too)

What little kid doesn’t love the idea of a magical fairy? If you are looking for a great birthday party theme to celebrate a spring birthday in the coming weeks and months, or are just looking for a spring-themed craft to keep the kids busy with something truly creative, we have just the thing. Constructing a magical fairy house makes for a quite involved, but endlessly fun activity where the kids get to keep their magical creation and will certainly play with it again and again.

For a birthday party or play date with several kids, get your supplies ready and set up a long table–then let their imaginations run wild! Agnes Hsu did just that recently for her daughter’s fifth birthday. “These magical fairy houses were such a memorable way to celebrate a special birthday, but make a wonderful activity for any day. The best part is watching your child play with something truly special they made themselves,” says Agnes.

Check out Agnes’ fairy house crafting day and get the full how-to on her site, Hello, Wonderful.