Festive Easter Traditions From Around The World

When I was in third grade, I went to Sicily for Easter with my father, who was born there, in a town called Sciacca on the West Coast. I was anticipating the Easter bunny and marshmallow peeps, but instead was greeted with small marzipan lambs, arranged meticulously in pastural scenes, and huge chocolate egg shells wrapped in brightly colored foil. It was my first international holiday, and it opened my eyes to the wide world around me.

Easter, a holy holiday for Christians around the world, is celebrated in so many ways. I love the idea of the whole world stopping to celebrate the same thing, at the same time, albeit with different traditions. Sweets are almost always part of the package, along with many rites of spring since Easter does herald a rebirth for the world as well. Click through the slideshow above for a view into Easter celebrations around the globe from fireworks in Florence to giant omelets in France.