How to effortlessly achieve the urban core aesthetic

How to effortlessly achieve the urban core aesthetic

The urban core aesthetic is exactly as it sounds, it is a style that embodies urban spaces and places such as iconic cities and architecture across the world. Popular with the younger crown, the urban core style embodies a young, playful, and rebellious nature, in which aspects of graffiti or iconic slogans are usually included in designs. 

Look to change up your style a little and incorporate some urban core? Well, we’ve got you covered. Below is an all you need guide to wearing the urban core fashion trend. 

The modern stacked look

Stacked jeans or sweatpants and a layer of focus to your trousers, giving a cool, carefree, and rebellious look for many, depending on how they are worn. In order to achieve this modern stacked look, all you need to do is find some trousers with the material stacked at the end, as if they would appear to be far too long. 

Stacked trousers are one of the most versatile outfits out there as not only are they comfy and easy to move around in, but they are all relatively easy to get hold of and can be paired with most things in your wardrobe, from a plain white t-shirt to something a little more comfortable. For best results, par your stacked trousers with some smart sneakers. 


Urban core clothing will often feature something very striking and iconic, such as a famous bridge, building or political or culturally symbolic site. Popular images include but are not limited to the following list. 

  • vandalism
  • graffiti
  • industrial architecture
    • rooftops, alleyways, spaces between buildings
    • train stations
    • worn-down/empty buildings
    • skyscrapers
    • concrete
    • street fixtures, such as benches, streetlamps, road signs
    • subways and underpasses
    • urban exploration
      • unpopulated buildings such as warehouses
      • barren concrete stairwells
    • dirty areas
      • garbage clutter
      • dumpsters
      • concrete rubble

Intrinsically linked to ChinaTown culture

Urban core is closely linked to China’s non-stop economy, in which people began looking into ways to express themselves while also paying tribute to nature and their environment around them too. Also known as urban outdoor or urban aesthetic, the fashion trend isn’t for everyone in China as this comfy and cool look is again more popular with the younger generations, 

The modern stacked look

Stacked pants are very popular at the moment, in which they fit into the theme of urban core – The modern stacked look. Stacked pants have an extra part of lengthened material at the bottom of the pants, adding extra style while also being highly practical and ultra flattering too.


Techwear used to be very popular with those in nature, however it is now popular with the young, older people and festival goers alike. Some elements of techwear include: 

  • shells
  • Raincoats
  • Fanny packs
  • Gore-Tex or RIP-stop fabric trousers
  • Taped hoodies

This kind of techwear has recently been very popular for those who like to attend festivals in the wet and wild weather. The colors are often kept very monochromatic and there can be hidden pockets to store electronics, or for charging items discreetly and safely too. 

Urban core aesthetics and their influence on the movie scene

Many films during this era embodied the urban core movie scene. Such examples include the Fast and Furious franchise, New Jersey Drive (1995), Freerunner (2011), Brick Mansions (2014), Straight Outta Compton (2015), and Soul (2020). 

Overall, urban core is a fashion trend that is rather unique in that it has many different core looks and is based on a number of different aspects and features. While it is mainly popular with eh younger crowd, people of any age are able to get involved with this look.