How to Choose a Cigarette Alternative That Suits Your Lifestyle

How to Choose a Cigarette Alternative That Suits Your Lifestyle

Making the decision to walk away from smoking cigarettes is always going to be a positive one, and some people would prefer to do that by identifying an alternative. Different people are going to want different things from this alternative depending on their own lifestyle – some might opt for something that’s healthier; for others, the issue with cigarettes could be the smell and the way that it sticks to clothes and furniture.

There are ample options out there, but the overwhelming number of candidates that can be included under the term ‘alternative’ means that you might need a clearer idea of what it is that you’re looking for.


This might be the option that best suits what you had in mind – allowing you to engage with the same basic activity while arguably providing a healthier result. There has been a lot of research into how true this is, and while the consensus is that it is still better for you than smoking, it’s still worth understanding what the associated health risks of vaping might be.

If you do decide to see what vaping has to offer, identifying reputable brands or venues like can help you to choose one that is going to last and provide you with a quality vaping experience – allowing you to customize the flavors and the cartridges to your liking.

Patches and Gum

This effort might be more about looking for ways to completely remove cigarettes and smoking from your life. However, as you might be aware, quitting smoking can be incredibly difficult and it can take some time for you to feel as though you’re sufficiently distant from them to relax. In order to aid you along with that process, you could look to nicotine patches and nicotine gum that can help to substitute the more harmful impacts of smoking, but you might still find that it’s difficult to remove these from your life when the time comes – and they may also come with health impacts that you don’t expect.

With those limitations in mind, you might find these alternatives preferable as a type of middle-ground – something that you resort to when you’re transitioning away from cigarettes entirely, but in need of something to soften that impact.

A Different Direction

If you are hoping to cut ties with smoking entirely, though, the alternatives that you start looking at might be about breaking habits. It won’t feel the same, but meeting that urge for a cigarette with something like a specific snack (a dill pickle is one that you often see suggested) or a glass of water can be potentially healthy directions.

At this time, a lot of the difficulty comes from the withdrawal symptoms, but there is something lost in the habitual nature of smoking. Being able to take a break and go for a cigarette might be what draws a lot of people to it in the first place. Substituting this with a short walk can prevent you from suffering the loss of this time while you’re also struggling with the symptoms.