Going Green: The Eco Lunchbox

As if coming up with new and exciting kids’ lunchbox ideas isn’t hard enough, I’m always looking for ways to reduce the waste involved with their lunches. I hate myself every time I pack another plastic baggie in my sons’ lunchboxes. So I hit the web and my local green-minded stores while on a mission to unearth the best eco lunchbox items—and found some awesome eco-friendly containers that are not only green but fun-looking as well. (Think snack bags in monkey and watermelon prints and bright food wraps.) While it’s so much easier to just throw away a plastic baggie at the end of the day, packing an eco lunchbox helps me sleep a lot better at night. Read on to see what I found. —Melissa Schweiger (@followmelis

The Best Eco-Friendly Sandwich Wrap
These PVC and BPA-free reusable food wraps from Kids Konserve are pretty genius. They wrap up sammies just like a deli counter does, but in a way that makes going green so easy. They also lie flat and double as a placemat. And cleaning them could not be easier—just a little soap and water and the organic PB&J smears come right off.

The Best Eco-Friendly Containers
Kids Konserve nails this one again with its awesome round nesting trio containers with brightly-colored lids. I’ve been stashing everything from apple slices and pretzels to chocolate covered raisins and gummy bears in my boys’ containers. If you’re not afraid of sending your kids to school with glass lunchboxes, the tempered glass food storage from Wean Green are amazing. The printed mini reusable fabric snack bags from Itzy Ritzy—favored by Jennifer Garner—are so cute you’ll want to use them for more than just your kids’ stuff.