Facial Hair for 2023 and Beyond

Facial Hair for 2023 and Beyond

When it comes to style we like to think we know what we are talking about. We can keep up with the latest fashions and identify the trends that will allow you to keep up with what is looking good right now – and in the near future.

Men’s fashion and hairstyling are just as important of course – and we definitely keep you informed there as well. But, even though many men like to keep their clothes and appearance on point, we have noticed that the facial hair element sometimes lets the side down.

So, we thought we would look into why that is and what can be done about it. Read below for some facial hair ideas to try in 2023. The year is hurtling forward at speed though. So these are looks to get into now and for further ahead. While you’re waiting for the latest blockbuster TV series to come out, or for Delaware sports betting to be legalized, these are style ideas that will make you look and feel good.

Fear of Change

A recent survey in the United Kingdom found that most men had the same style of beard or moustache for the last 10 years. Over 40 per cent of those interviewed said that the reason for keeping the status quo when it came to their facial hair was that it was far easier to maintain if things remained the same.

We can completely understand the resistance to change to a style that may take much longer to look after – or might turn into a very big mistake very quickly indeed. But we would counter with the fact that even the biggest facial hair faux pas can be rectified within seconds. The hair will grow back and something else can be tried.

We would also say that it could be the best thing you have ever done. Changing your facial looks is a big statement – but it doesn’t have to cause such anxiety.

Classic Looks

When it comes to men’s facial hair there are a few distinct camps. First of all there is the cleanly shaven. Although we are talking about what to do with your facial hair here, we do think that this look can be very good on the right face. A solid jawline can be wasted if it is covered with hair, after all.

Ever since George Michael was telling us all to have faith, the groomed stubble look has also been popular. It is generally acceptable just about everywhere, but we do think that a lot of men feel as though they can just leave their stubble to look after itself. You still need to take a little care gents!

Beards have come back in a big way in recent years and can be seen on a wide range of men. The much-maligned hipsters have been blamed for a lot of social ills but bringing back this look has definitely worked. Again though, some care for your beard is necessary – especially if it is of a bigger style.

Try something new and you might be surprised by the results

Facial Hair to Avoid

As much as we support any man who feels as if they want to try something new when it comes to facial hair, there are a few looks that we think should be avoided at all costs. Some men that are getting on in years but want to recapture their youth may be tempted to go for the goatee or the soul patch. We would say this is a definite no.

It is not as if these styles cannot work on anyone. But it is very easy to get it wrong this way. If you are tempted to try sculpting your facial hair this way, we would recommend looking further back into history for your inspiration and trying a more classic-looking moustache, such as a scaled-down Salvador Dali, or even a pencil moustache.

Be Brave and Change Up

As with any kind of style or trend, not all facial hair looks will work on all people. Get the advice of a professional first to see whether your desired style will make you look better or worse. But do try. There is definitely more that is acceptable these days when it comes to male grooming, so be adventurous.

Grow that beard, or try something different with your stubble or moustache. The worst that can happen is that you shave it all off and wait a few days to try something new.