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4 Sneaky Signs of Entrepreneurial Woman Burnout

As a woman entrepreneur we can be guilty of ignoring signs that we are really burned out. I have suffered this before and I wouldn’t even consider myself at the highest level of being an entrepreneur. This is a tough gig and it is one where we have to put our worries, stresses and emotions aside in order to get to where we really want  to go. It is for this reason that we often ignore the signs of burnout and simply think that we are a little stressed out.

Burned out van geograph.org .uk 1400522

Ultimately a burnout is going to be something which harms you and the business. The notion of pushing on regardless may sound valiant and like something which will help the business, but the reality is that it causes damage in the long run. The key to avoiding or dealing with burnout is to be aware of it and here are some signs that it may have happened to you.

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We can all get a little snappy or short tempered when we are stressed out or when we have some worries on our mind. If however you find that this is happening all of the time then this could be the first sign that you are burned out. When this happens we have no patience for anyone else and that is what results in us snapping at one another.

No Sleep

Despite the fact that you may think burnout would make your sleep better because you are ground down, the truth is actually the opposite. Burnout is when you have overloaded your brain with so much that you can’t focus anymore and you become irritable and slightly unhinged, all of this adds to your levels of worry and the brain will continue to race even if you are trying to get to sleep.


The biggest sign that you have burnout is the complete lack of focus which you will start to have and this is when it begins to have a real impact on your business operations. You need to be at your highest levels of focus and concentration in order to do well in your day to day life and when that stops, you are in trouble.


Have you been getting a lot of colds lately? Or bellyaches? If so then this is because your immune system has been lowered as a result of the burnout. It is quite amazing that this happens in the body when you do feel burned out yet it is also amazing that your body uses this to tell you that things are not alright.

If you are suffering from these symptoms then it could very well be that you have simply been pushing yourself too hard and that has had a negative impact on your body and mind. It is essential to slow things down a bit, take a vacation and get yourself back to your best if you want to ensure that you and your business stay in tact.