DIY Holiday Gift Tags To Dress Up Your Christmas Presents

One of my favorite things about the holidays is gift giving. I always get excited about wrapping all the special items I pick up for friends and family.

The best way to give your presents that personal touch is to get creative not only with the wrapping, but with the gift tags. Here are the simple steps to making your own. All you need is a few crafting supplies and a little imagination!

Heavy paper
Glue stick or glue gun
Assorted paper in different colors, prints and textures
Assorted fabric scraps and colorful felt
Baker’s twine
Paper scissors
Pinking shears
Hole punch (my favorite is Martha Stewart’s Screw Hole Punch)
Fabric marking pen/pencil
Large eye sewing needle
Washi tape (available in different colors and prints)

Step 1: Decide what size and shape gift tags you would like to make. You can buy pre-made ones as well, but it’s fun to design your own. I used some tags I had on hand and also chose to make small rectangles, squares and circles. You can also use a pre-made one as your stencil.

I made rectangles that were 3 inches by 1.5 inches, circles that were approximately 2 to 3 inches wide and squares that were 1.5 to 2 inches. I even created stencils of a winter mitten and Christmas Tree.
Draw the various shapes on your heavy stock paper and cut them out–use these as your stencils.
You can get as creative as you would like!

Step 2: Cut out some fun holiday-inspired shapes in festive paper and glue them to the front of the tag. I created a Christmas stocking and also some mistletoe. Punch a hole at the top and thread your twine through to attach to your gift.

Step 3: Make a monogram tag so you won’t forget who the gift is for. Cover one side of your tag with some felt and than cut out an initial in some paper or complementary felt. Apply some glue and secure it in the center of the tag. Follow the same steps as above to creating a hole at the top and threading your twine through to attach it to the gift.

Step 4:
 Washi tape is another simple way to create a design on one of your tags.

Step 5: Finally, try making one with some scrap fabric. I chose one of my favorite Liberty of London prints. Cut the fabric in the shape of your tag, and trim it with your pinking shears for a nice edge. Glue the fabric to the front of the paper tag. Punch the hole and thread the twine through. Then tie it onto your gift.

You can also use the felt instead of the paper and layer it on top of some fabric like I did with my mini Christmas Tree. Use the back of your tags to write your holiday notes, and you’re finished. Happy holidays!