Best of the Book: Ice Cream

Gelato Mio, London

A little taste of Italy right in Holland Park, Gelato Mio offers creamy confections and Illy coffee alike. We love the real mint leaf flavor with chocolate chunks.

Café & Meal Muji, Tokyo

Yuki Mori Rutner comes to this café (affixed to the mammoth housewares store, Muji) for her daily chai, but her kids can’t get enough of the soft-serve ice cream!

Cremeria Buonarroti, Milan

At this cremeria, old world ice cream meets elegant tearoom. Natalia Bianchi Avogadro di Collobiano also recommends the chocolate brioche.

Kind Kreme Vegan Ice Cream, Los Angeles

“Vegan” and “cream” may be a contradiction in terms, but “kreme” is perfect for dairy-free enthusiasts. Shana Muldoon Zappa loves the sea-salt caramel variety.

Shake Shack, New York

Rosie Pope and Vicky Ward agree: Shake Shack is where it’s at! For something to sip on-the-go, try the vanilla shake imbued with fair trade coffee.

Annamaria, Berlin

Ulrike Beck believes this “eiscafé” to be the best in town. Many go for a scoop of cherry mania in a sugar cone, not to mention the dairy- and egg-free “water ice” varieties.

Ciampini, Rome

Often regarded as a sit-down restaurant, you can also get your scoop from Ciampini to go, and eat it on the nearby Spanish Steps. “You can really taste the freshness of the homemade gelato