Taps for Tots: Cookie Apps

For the car, before bed, in the kitchen—these apps add the icing to a time-tested treat

In spite of our culture’s recent obsession with health, cookies remain ever-present. Just look at the seasonal gingerbread man, the iconic Cookie Monster, and the time-tested tales by Laura Numeroff. It’s no surprise, then, that the app world has embraced this sweet, pleasing snack as well. Thanks to these handy and entertaining apps, you can get creative, get baking, and be munching away—digitally or actually—faster than you can set the timer. —Lucie Alig  

Martha Stewart Cookies

Martha Stewart cookies are not exactly known for their simplicity (some of these recipes call for candied rose petals and sweet matcha powder), but even the most intricate projects in this in-app cookbook will be well worth the effort. For those used to Pillsbury basics, the app’s tools section—complete with information about baking supplies and techniques—will prove useful, as are the quintessentially “Martha” video tutorials. And even if you don’t have time for actual baking, the mere act of swiping through the gorgeous recipe photos might be enough to appease your intrigue—though no promises about your cravings!

The Great Cookie Thief—Starring Cookie Monster

Someone has been stealing all the cookies from the town bakery, and the crew at the saloon is solving the mystery. In a seamless mix of interactive reading (you must tap through the scenes for the plot to unravel) and matching game, it’s up to you—upon being appointed the sheriff’s official deputy—to decipher who the blue creature in the “Wanted” ads is. After a good 10 minutes of bitingly clever dialogue and honky tonk tunes, you’ll also get a responsible plug—in keeping with Sesame Street’s “Healthy Habits” initiatve— for healthy eating.

More Cookies!

Kids love to get their hands dirty (and eat spoonfuls of batter, for that matter), but with this digital baking app, you won’t have to spend hours ridding the countertops of flour. This app, the sequel to Cookie Maker, allows users to add ingredients, mix the dough, choose the cutter, decide between chocolates or walnuts, and select a sprinkle color. Pop it in “the oven” when you’re done. Word to the wise: You might want to have some actual cookies on hand, too