An Everyday Accessory That’s On Trend For Spring 2014

Louis Vuitton is known for being the premier leather goods brand, offering an array of travel accessories and handbags that have been seen of the arms of the most iconic women in the world, from Audrey Hepburn to Sofia Coppola. They are noted for creating trunks with a flat bottom (which made stacking possible) and pioneering the use of monograms. But many aren’t aware that they were also the first to introduce the bucket bag, a style that is one of the biggest trends for spring 2014.

Released in 1932, the bag was commissioned by a Champagne producer to hold four bottles, something that now seems positively prescient, considering that Louis Vuitton is now under the conglomerate LVMH—with the “M” representing Moët & Chandon Champagnes.

Needless to say, the style is less utilized today as a carrier of beverages, and has become a chic statement piece. It may not be as large as a tote or as compact as a clutch, but if you are looking for a stylish everyday bag to hold those necessary items, the bucket bag will do the trick. We saw them at the catwalks of Alexander Wang, Moschino and Marc by Marc Jacobs, where they proved their timelessness yet again.