Activities for Toddlers: The Best Mommy & Me Classes

Finding activities for toddlers can be a challenging task when you’re a new mother. Between balancing your work and social life, squeezing in gym time can be as difficult as squeezing into your pre-pregnancy jeans. That’s why mommy and me classes—fitness classes that allow you to bring along your kids—can be a lifesaver for busy New York City moms.

If your child is still in a stroller Mommy & Me Fitness NY, led by the friendly and energetic Meri (a certified ACE trainer), offers energizing boot-camp style stroller classes. City Treehouse in NYC offers mommy and me classes in yoga that guide you through flowing asanas and challenging postures, while also incorporating movements that strengthen growing muscles, assist in better sleep and aid in digestion for your babies and toddlers—plus dads are welcome! Asphalt Green offers a variety of activities for toddlers and babies in the water. While you’re getting a great aerobic workout, your children will improve their water-based motor skills.

Finding activities for toddlers can be daunting, but with the list of mommy and me classes above you’ll have no excuse to skip the gym and a list of new and fun ways to entertain your little ones.