Earth Day Ideas 2013

Doesn’t it feel like everyone is always asking “When is Earth Day?” but that no one actually knows when it is? Well, Earth Day is today! So it’s time to celebrate. How should you do it? Well, we’re got a whole bunch of Earth Day ideas.

The first order of business: Get reading! Eco lifestyle expert Alexandra Zissu has great recommendations for eco-themed children’s books, plus a list of green staples for the warmer weather, so that you can protect your little ones from bugs and the sun without hurting them or the environment. She also has six super-simple tips for keeping family travel green and eco-friendly that we think are genius and perfect for adding to your arsenal of travel tips.

What else can you do? We’ve got more Earth Day ideas! Go shopping! All those natural beauty products that we love around here are not just good for you and your kids, they’re good for the environment, too. Last week we talked to Valerie Grandury, who owns The Detox Market, and she gave us great tips for the best natural cleaning products and beauty products to buy. We also love S.W. Basics, which makes organic skincare in small batches. For more brand ideas and tips for making the right choices when it comes to beauty products, check out our guide to buying safe cosmetics. What else can you buy? Safe plastic bottles free of PVC and BPA for your little ones and eco-friendly lunchboxes for playground and school snacks.

Now that you’ve shopped, finish your day by cleaning your house with lemons and vinegar. Seriously. Or, forget shopping, and get out of the house and watch some birds…if that is at all possible for you on a Monday.