30 Ways To Be A More Compassionate Partner

Flowers, candy, back rubs are all great gifts to give to your partner, but if you don’t bring the compassion into play, you’re only doing half of the job!

But what does compassion really mean? Don’t go running to Dictionary.com: I want you to think about what compassion means to you specifically, and where it’s lacking in your life, your career, and your relationship. My guess is that you haven’t considered this as much as you have considered concepts like love, understanding, and caring…you know, the “easy” concepts we think are the ingredients for a perfect relationship!

I’m going to challenge you to think that without compassion, nothing else really matters. If this seems far-fetched, read on to discover 30 ways compassion can truly change your relationship for the better. Consider how being a little more compassionate with your partner could bring you more joy, happiness, and maybe even more mind-blowing orgasms…just sayin’.