10 Dreamy Bathroom Decorating Ideas


If you spend half of your life asleep, you spend half of the other half in the bathroom. It’s a hard-working room, with lots of requirements and often very little space (especially if you live in a city apartment). Even if you’re lucky enough to have a full-size sink, you might find yourself wishing you had any or all of the following: more storage, more light, more space, nicer fixtures.

While you can’t gut renovate a rental apartment, and if you live in an old home it’ll be hard to revolutionize 60-year-old plumbing, there are tons of ways to innovate and inspire the design of your bathroom. From color choices to easy accents, a little goes a long way in a small space. We’ve browsed hundreds of images of bathrooms from all over to the world–from dream-home master suites with tubs the size of pools to teeny urban dweelings with sinks across the hall. There are tons of smart ideas in the slideshow above, whether you’re looking to make smart storage changes or just change things up a bit. Click through to see our ten faves.