3 Easy Exercises That Bring Sexy Back (and Shoulders)

Fit4Mom’s Laura Kovall knows that moms need quick, effective ways to stay in shape; after all, she herself is a mom to 16-month-old Sophia. In her weekly fitness posts, Kovall suggests easy exercises that can be squeezed into busy lives—no equipment required!

A strong back and shoulders are key to a healthy, comfortable life, especially one where carrying kids and laptops around is required. In order to strengthen those two areas, it’s important to target your back and shoulders with exercises where you use your body weight.

Not to mention that a toned back and shoulders look hella sexy when you’re wearing a cocktail dress to those upcoming fall weddings, and they banish that dreaded bra fat. These simple moves will get the job done, all from the comfort of your own home. Do each exercise for one minute.

1: Downward-facing dog push-up: Start in yoga’s downward facing dog pose (hands and feet flat on floor, hips pushed to ceiling, legs and arms straight). Bending your elbows outward, lower your head toward the ground and then push up.

2: Diamond-shaped push-ups: Prepare for a traditional push-up, but place your hands in a diamond shape about shoulder-width apart. Push up until you’re in an extended plank position, and then come back down. To modify, do the exercise on your knees.

3: Plank shoulder taps: From plank position on your forearms, extend your right arm and tap your hand on the ground in front of you, keeping your butt down. Return to starting position. Repeat with the left hand.