Why It May Be Time to Find Some Brussels Sprouts Recipes For Your Fall Meals

Looking back on our childhoods, we sometimes wish we had known then what we know now. Of course, that doesn’t usually apply to foods we were too picky to eat, but in the case of Brussels sprouts, BOY were we missing out when we pushed away those plates of yummy green vegetables our mothers put in front of us. The tiny cabbages are once again in season at your local farmers market and there’s so many delicious ways to include them in your fall meals.

“I love Brussels sprouts around this time of year because they are nutty and earthy, yet at the same time go with any flavor you’re hankering for,” says Alison Cayne. As founder of Haven’s Kitchen in New York, and mother of five kids, we’re definitely included to take her advice on getting tots to eat this cruciferous vegetable. “My kids love anything crispy and Brussels sprouts are super healthy so I love to sauté them in a pan of hot olive oil until they’re crispy. Then I toss with a touch of raw minced garlic, salt, and finish with a squeeze of lemon.”

An excellent source of fiber, folate, and essential vitamins (especially vitamin C), Brussels sprouts even have beneficial effects against some forms of cancer. Use Alison’s yummy recipe if you like, but they can also be boiled, braised, or steamed, as well as parboiled and then sautéd. Oh – and don’t hold the bacon – it’s their perfect match!