Who Knew This Bathroom Item Could Be So Toxic?

On August 20th, in Water Mill N.Y., Elizabeth Street moderated a panel of experts for Healthy Child, Healthy World. Healthy Child has been around for 20 years and was founded by Nancy and James Chuda, who lost their four-year-old daughter to cancer caused by pesticides. The organization now aims to educate parents and consumers about what is in their food, their homes, and ultimately, their children.

The goal of the panel was to encourage the audience to make small changes each day, which would lead to bigger changes and safer homes and environments for their families.

There were a few times when what the panel said caused a gasp to ripple through the crowd, and most of those ripples were due to things that Robin Wilson revealed. The audience of parents had no idea that some of the every day things that we do around our homes could be the cause of cancer, reproductive problems, and more.

Wilson, an eco-friendly interior designer and Ambassador for the Asthma and Allergy foundation, explained that small things can be incredibly toxic. According to Wilson, “One in nine children have asthma, and one in five children have allergies, you recognize that environmental factors need to addressed.”

One of the easiest things to change is your shower curtain. “Nylon doesn’t off-gas and it’s more mold-resistant and washable.”