Who Knew a Science Experiment Could Produce Such a Gorgeous Bouquet?

After-school sports, art and cooking classes for kids abound. But how can you instill an interest in science in a young child? We found an experiment that is perfect for those budding, curious little minds courtesy of the ever-creative Agnes Hsu, founder of Hello, Wonderful.

This educational experiment is easy, fun and bound to produce some gorgeously Technicolor-ed blossoms for the living room in the process. Not only do we love the idea of this fun experiment that Agnes did with her kids, but we’re also taking inspiration from how she discussed the whole scientific process with them—hypothesizing, observing and coming to conclusions together.

“This was a fun and easy science project for all of us. I’d love to try it again with a different type of flower and use food coloring instead of gel colors since I read that gels don’t transfer color as fast or vividly,” says Agnes.