What we’re seeing on the boards

Last month we featured 10 must-follow Pinterest pinners. We’re big fans of the popular site (you can follow us here), so today we’re highlighting some trends we’ve noticed over on the boards…

#1 Super long pins. This isn’t a new trend, but it’s been gaining ground lately. Martha Stewart Living sprinkles a few well-designed long pins once or twice a day.

#2 Extremes! From salads to cupcakes. Lifestyle websites like Shape Magazine and Womens Health Magazine have pinboards filled with ideas for getting in shape in the new year…but their pinning is a bit inconsistent. Fitness tips are right next to…cupcake recipes? Come on, the beginning of a new year is no time for temptation!

#3 Holidays…a month early. I haven’t even recovered from Christmas, and Pinterest is already swamped with DIY Valentines Day card ideas. We’ve seen fish bowls, ABC, and love bugs cards. Are you glad to get ahead of the game, or is this just unnecessary stress?

#4 Boards organized by color. April and May’s color-coordinated pinboards are so visually stunning, they’re sure to inspire a few copycats. Almost all the boards are black and white, but surprise pops of colors like yellow and pink make for a gorgeous page.

#5 Cohesive board covers. Rebecca Minkoff’s main page is stunning and totally original. We jumped on this trend and did the same to our boards. Our prediction? This is the future of Pinterest!