Welcome to Stockholm!

Elizabeth Street is headed north—adding one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities to our growing list of City Guides curated by our impressive network of moms-in-the-know. This is one city that can boast both beauty and brains (it is, after all, home of the Nobel Prize), making it a fantastic place to visit or raise a family.

Often referred to as the “Venice of the North,” Stockholm’s magnificence comes from being made up of a stunning archipelago of 14 islands (and its residents are pretty darn good-looking by most standards, too!). Its architecture, which includes a beautifully preserved medieval city center (Gamla Stan), is enhanced by the surrounding nature—both in the form of waterways and an enormous amount of beautiful green spaces…a thing which almost all of our Elizabeth Street moms mentioned as being a reason they love living here.

So, if their paid-maternity-leave time (one of the most generous in the world) isn’t enough reason to envy these moms, the fact that they get to live in one of the world’s greenest capitals is sure to make us daydream of pushing a stroller along their clean and safe streets.

We’re excited to introduce you to the city’s hot spots and secret finds through the suggestions of our energetic and industrious Stockholm moms, like Anitha Schulman, Hanna Dunér and Lisa Sandefeldt. Go directly to the source of one of our favorite brands at Acne Studios, take the kids to see some indigenous critters at the lovely Skansen and enjoy an authentic ‘fika,’ (Swedish for “coffee break”) at Sturekatten.

We’ve learned that these women have a real appreciation for everything their hometown has to offer. “I could walk around for a whole day just looking at buildings in the different parts of the city,” says Hanna Dunér, who never tires of the beauty surrounding her every day.

City life and that much-needed ‘buzz’ is not lost in all this natural wonder, though. “Stockholm has the vibe of a bigger city but at the same time a closeness to the beautiful archipelago and outdoors,” says Lisa Sandefeldt.