Viral Video: Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon Reveal “The Evolution of the Mom Dance”

Viral Video: Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon Reveal “The Evolution of the Mom Dance”


Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon parodied the “mom dance,” and this hilarious video clip promptly went viral over thee weekend. The mom-in-chief appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote her “Let’s Move!” campaign, encouraging kids to get active. Fallon, who appeared in mom drag, and the First Lady demonstrated go-to moves such as the “Go Shopping, Get Groceries,” the “Shake Your Hip Twice to the Same Side,” and “The Just The Hands Part of Single Ladies.” These classic beginner moves have helped generations of moms dominate the dance floor. But after mastering them, more advanced moms might look to the stars for inspiration. Check out these show-stopping performances by moms who do much more on the dance floor.


Beyoncé announced her pregnancy to the world at the end of this dance to “Love on Top.” Now that Blue Ivy is one year-old, you can bet her mom can still do more than “Just the Hands Part of Single Ladies.”


The mother of dance music, Madonna, is also the mom of a teenage daugher.


Jenna Dewan Tatum met her dancer husband Channing Tatum on the set of “Step Up.” The couple are expecting a baby.


Gwen Stefani never lost her dance moves (or somehow, her famous six-pack) to motherhood.


Meryl Streep got goofy in the musical, Mamma Mia, and we love the way this mom-of-four moves.


Jennifer Lopez is the mom of two toddlers who will never be embarrassed by their mom at a wedding.

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