Treat Your Pregnant Self to a Babymoon

A romantic babymoon is the perfect getaway to celebrate being a couple before baby makes three (or more). You’ll cherish this pre-baby trip since once you have kids, traveling becomes something akin to a the seventh circle of hell (not really, but you get our drift). Take this time to relax and relish in hours of absolutely nothing to do.

Traveling in your first trimester: You might be feeling nausea or fatigue, so doing something less strenuous is in order (avoid roughing it or any trips that require a backpack). It’s still early, so you probably don’t need to be too close to home or the hospital, making it a good time to travel internationally.

When I was 12 weeks pregnant, we traveled to Spain for our official babymoon. We visited several cities and got around by plane, train, subway and taxi. It wasn’t as strenuous as backpacking through Europe, as I had done on previous trips. Morning sickness hadn’t yet kicked in for me, so I took the chance to gorge myself with paella and tapas.

Traveling in your second trimester: This is when nausea usually fades and energy levels rise. You’re starting to show a cute baby bump and you can still get around pretty easily without waddling yet. This would be a good time to head to a beach destination to relax and pamper yourself at the spa with massages and pedicures since it’s getting harder to reach your feet over your growing belly.

When I was six months pregnant, we attended a friend’s wedding in Hawaii, where I proudly flaunted my burgeoning belly in a swimsuit, and treated myself to a prenatal massage on the beach. The morning sickness was gone and I felt no guilt indulging in high-caloric foods like the local Loco Moco (rice topped with a hamburger patty and fried egg smothered with gravy), macadamia nut ice cream, and shaved ice.

Traveling in your third trimester: It’s the home stretch but you still have time for some R&R before the sleepless nights ahead. For a break, take a quick weekend trip close to home, just in case you need to head back to the hospital.

At 36 weeks, my husband and I made one last trip to sin city, Las Vegas. Of course I couldn’t engage in any of the usual Vegas debauchery: no drinking or clubbing, but I made up for it in the eating-and-relaxing arenas. I hit the buffet to pack on some last minute baby weight and went shopping for baby clothes to add to my unborn’s already full closet. I lounged by the pool and got more compliments showing off my nine-months-pregnant belly than I ever did wearing a bikini before I was pregnant.

When preparing for baby, you owe it to yourself and your partner to take a memorable babymoon vacation and enjoy the last moments of being just a couple. Believe me: Your next trip with baby in tow will be anything but relaxing.