Tips For A Tech-Free Family Vacation

You and your family only get one summer vacation. Do you really want to spend it checked out on tech accessories? If you would rather reconnect with your family, try disconnecting from the tech gadgets that typically keep you from having the best family vacation possible. Check out our tips for getting unplugged, family style:

Pick an unplugged vacation spot.
A dude ranch, a family camp, the shore, a national forest—these gorgeous vacation locations are perfect for unplugging from gadgets and rediscovering nature. Who has time to fight over the PSP when there are horses to ride or boats to sail?

Get old school.
There was a time before the iTouch, when kids actually managed to have fun playing board games, playing card games, or—gasp!—making art on non-digital tablets. Travel games like Connect Four, AquaDoodle, and Mad Libs offer hours of good, old-fashioned entertainment.

Read together as a family.
Book series like Harry Potter or The Little House on the Prairie are perfect for vacation, and you can continue the family fun back at home. Older kids and parents can take turns reading out loud.

Bring a camera, not a camera phone.
Sure, your iPhone lets you take vacation photos and upload them to your favorite social media site in a few swipes, but you might find yourself playing around on Facebook instead of joining in on the family fun. Instead, bring a digital camera—like a waterproof and shockproof Nikon Coolpix—and snap away. Save the post-vacation photo viewing session for after the trip.

Everything in moderation.
It’s not realistic to think that you’ll be able to leave all of the gadgets at home. After all, they do help keep the peace on plane trips and it’s not a bad idea to have a personal GSP when your husband insists on doing the driving. Just try to stick to a specific tech timeframe so you can spend more time with your family, instead of spending way too much time doing exactly what you do at home.