Three Day Trips From NYC

Traveling with kids is a wonderful experience, but it’s also always a sharp reminder that the freewheeling, take-it-as-it-comes voyaging experiences you may have had in your 20s are way over. With kids, everything has to be planned and thoroughly mapped out in advance. You’ve got to make sure you’re near snacking and resting opportunities at all times and activities must have a quick escape in case they turn out to be too tiring or boring for the kiddos.

That’s why when it comes to travelling getting advice from other moms is the way to go. Take a trip they’ve already been through, and you know that it will be as kid-friendly as can be. That’s why three of our New York City moms—publicist Allison Aston, boutique owner Christina Villegas, and creative director Coralie Charriol Paul—each gave us an idea for day trips from NYC. These New York day trips are all planned out, so the only thing you have to do is get there. Read on to find things to do in Southhampton, Locust Valley, and Chester, New Jersey.