This Mini Mani Monday We’re Celebrating the Next Big Dessert Craze

Apparently a new year means yet another awesome take on a dessert that needed no improvement to begin with. Following in the footsteps of the now legendary Dominique Ansel Bakery, Chicago’s Waffles Café has come up with their own variation of the donut. The “wonut,” a waffle-donut hybrid that tastes just as incredible as you’d imagine it would, is “crispy and waffle-shaped on the outside, cakey and fluffy on the inside,” according to Thrillist.

A wonut is created using a slightly thicker version of the eatery’s signature waffle batter, which is pressed in a waffle iron and then deliciously deep-fried. Afterwards, the wonut is dipped in sticky confections of every kind: sugar, marshmallow, maple or chocolate glaze. Finally, the pastries are topped with sprinkles, chocolate shavings, and/or too many other toppings to list.

The health conscious can order a whole-wheat wonut with toasted marshmallow glaze, granola and dried fruit. Chocolate lovers can indulge in either a classic double chocolate or a Mexican chocolate wonut filled with spicy cocoa and covered in candied orange peel and dark chocolate shavings. There are even vegan options, if you can believe it.

Seriously, when can we open a franchise? Or hop on a jet to Chicago?

In the meantime, we suppose we’ll console ourselves—and our dessert-loving kiddos—with this adorable sprinkle manicure. Sure, it’s nowhere near the same, but it’s mini mani Monday and we’re trying to put a positive spin on a frustrating situation. We’ll all just have to trust that one day wonuts will cross state lines and we’ll all be able to treat the family to a crispy, cakey mouthful of what’s sure to be 2014’s number one food craze.