The Products that Turned My Kids’ Bathtime from Brutal to Bliss

I am lucky if my daughter, Alexa, will let me brush her hair. I am sure most parents can agree that bathtime is a particularly difficult time, whether you have sons or daughters. From age two- to three-years-old, Alexa would scream the entire time we washed and brushed her hair. Over time I learned a couple tricks and found a couple products that helped to make bathtime a relaxing experience for everyone involved.

1. The Wet Brush: I actually bought this for me and realized it was ideal for a child. It does not pull your hair like most brushes do. Once I started using it our hair fights were over.

2. Babyganics Conditioning Hair Detangler: Natural, unscented and it works great for both girls and boys.

3. Original Sprout Curl Calmer: Both of my kids have naturally curly hair–our son Hayden’s hair is especially unruly. This product eliminates frizz, softens hair and makes it more manageable.

4. Bathtime Baby: This is a trick a friend taught me. Buy a bathtime baby doll for your child and teach them to wash the baby. This is not only a great distraction while you wash their hair, but also a good lesson for them!