The Mix Tape: “I’m a Rocker”

Batmobiles, 007 watches and Columbo: there’s no one like the Boss to get your kids dancing to the music

The Boss as a rock and roll superhero/detective/secret agent who rescues his love from “impendin’ heartbreak.” Are you kidding me? He actually says Batmobile in this song. Enough said. —Anna Pellicioli

About The Mix Tape

Think you have to wait until your kids are twelve to share your favorite tunes with them? Think again. Kids’ music, you may have noticed, can become a bit of a recurring nightmare when you are stuck in traffic with no more snacks. Sooner or later, songs about brushing your teeth or the reasons you should eat broccoli will seep into your head, and you’ll catch yourself humming one in the elevator. There is no reason to succumb to this. Leave that to pre-school. Our music often has enough sing-along choruses, alliterative catchiness, and even teachable moments to hold your little ones’ attention during grocery runs, traffic jams or unruly birthday parties. I give you a song a week guaranteed to leave you sane and better for it, even after 5,000 listens. Parental Discretion Encouraged.