The Mix Tape: “April Fools”

A full and dramatic celebration of how foolish we are—especially when it comes to love

“April Fools” is an impassioned celebration of our foolish nature—especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright writes the kind of music meant for all things big—big theaters, big opera houses, and big hearts. His voice carries indulgent notes that are both effortless and musical. The song’s upbeat tempo rises to  a wonderful crescendo in the chorus: and you will believe in love/ and all that it’s supposed to be/ but just until the fish start to smell/ and you’re struck down by a hammer. And the dreamy melodies and references to hammers, clouds, princes, and open sesames—they just make you want to prance around in your living room. You want to teach your children to be themselves? Introduce them to Rufus Wainwright.