The Picnic Cookbook
By Annie Bell
What could be more perfect than a cookbook that tells you exactly how to throw the perfect picnic, from a casual sit-down on the lawn to a full-on outdoor gala? The recipes in The Picnic Cookbook are perfect for all manner of outdoor dining, and most are kid-friendly.

The Best New Cookbooks

By Laura Fyfe
Popsicles aren’t for kids anymore! This book hands the fun, playful treat over to the parents for a change, with tons of boozy popsicle recipes that would make a great addition to cocktail hour. Just be sure to make a few virgin versions so your kids don’t get jealous.

Little Cooks: Fun and Easy Recipes to Make with Your Kids
By Erin and Tatum Quon
Every recipe in this book is designed to encourage kids to get involved in the kitchen. We’re all about cooking with kids, so we’re pretty psyched about this book. Stay tuned for a recipe!

The No-Cook No-Bake Cookbook: 101 Delicious Recipes for When It’s Too Hot to Cook
By Matt Kadey
Creating in the kitchen is fun, but it can be a total nightmare in the summertime. Luckily, Matt Kadey has solved that problem with this great new summer-perfect book. And since no-bake recipes are great for kids in the kitchen, this book a must-buy.

Primal Cravings: Your Favorite Foods Made Paleo
By Brandon and Megan Keatley
Diet fads come and go, but the paleo diet might just be here to stay—it’s the very first diet after all, and some things are just timeless. You’ll find tasty treats that you won’t believe could fit into a paleo lifestyle, such as thin mint cookies and strawberry shortcake.

The Best New Cookbooks

With summer approaching, it’s time to get ready for a whole new season of food and cooking. Luckily for us, some great new cookbooks are coming out. From alcoholic popsicle recipes to the paleo diet meal plan, we culled the best new cookbooks hitting shelves this week. Click through the slideshow to find a new take on the summer menu.