The Best Moms We Can Be

“There are actually four of her,” laughs Rosie Pope’s publicist. “You’re talking to Rosie number three right now and later you can talk to Rosies two and four!” Facetious tone aside, there’s some truth to the joke—not because Pope actually has a number of clones running around New York, but because she tackles more on a daily basis than seems humanly possible.

In the coming months, her docket will get even fuller as the esteemed maternity concierge stars in her second season of Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels, and begins collaborating with Mattel on the Little Mommy Facebook page, through which Pope hosts live Q&A sessions and dispenses parenting tips. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, Elizabeth Street catches up with Pope about her new pursuits and, of course, the baby on the way.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Any special traditions in your house?

I’m expecting a new baby this year so things might be a little different! But normally Mother’s Day is the one day of the year when everything I do is for my kids. No phone calls, no appointments. It’s just me hanging out with my boys—which is the best gift.

Are you excited to be having a girl? Are your boys excited?

My oldest is super excited. He really likes the idea of a little sister. We have a little girl’s swing set up and he puts his teddy bears in the swing and says things like, “little baby sis is going to be in here.” My young one, on the other hand, has no idea what’s going on!

How is it living in New York City with young children?

Lots of people think New York is a hard place to live when you have kids, but I love it. Sure, the space is confined, but in terms of keeping your kids entertained, it’s great. I can hop in a cab and be at the zoo or a museum in minutes. The city actually makes life easier—that is, if you can get over the fact that you’re always tripping over Legos and toy cars in your apartment!

What has Pregnant in Heels taught you about parenting?

The moms on the show are obviously extreme cases, but I think we all share the same underlying issue. We want to be the best moms we can be, and we’re all nervous about it. It’s a unifying concern, but our anxiety manifests itself in different ways. Some women want to eat their placenta because they think it’s going to make them healthier while other women want to have ridiculous nurseries. But in general, the show has made me feel a lot closer to other women and mothers, knowing that we all struggle with the same things and need to support each other.

Is there anything new or different we can expect from Season 2?

The second season is a little wilder. And when I say that, I mean we push the envelope in different ways. While the first season was all about lavish baby showers or a makeover in the delivery room, the new season regards topics that are timely, popular, and important to discuss. Whether it’s placenta-eating, home births, or breast milk banks, we cover absolutely everything and push it to the limit. Viewers will also get to know me, my husband, and my business a little more, so everyone will understand who we are behind the scenes.

Can you tell us about Rosie’s Corner, your project with the Little Mommy doll?

Rosie’s Corner is a new section on Little Mommy’s Facebook page. It includes everything from live Q&As to blog posts to travel tips to cooking ideas. Above all else, the tips are really practical—they make your life easier, not more complicated. MomPrep also features tips from experts on the art and importance of play—which is what the Little Mommy doll really brings to light.

Speaking of your businesses, how do balance MomPrep, the Rosie Pope maternity line, and Pregnant in Heels with motherhood?  

My husband reminds me every day that when you do something, you have to be completely “in it.” It’s really easy to be with your kids and thinking about business, or to be at work and thinking about your kids. I’ve learned to try and be 100 percent dedicated to the moment. It’s less about always being there for kids and more about really being present when you are there. Oh yeah… and I get no sleep! —Lucie Alig