The best in print news this month

If you needed another reason to curl up inside for an evening while waiting out cold and dark February, consider that in magazine world, it’s already March! The beginning of spring of course means warmer weather, longer days, and best of all (for some of us) thicker magazines. This month magazines are rolling out spring fashion, cleaning out closets, spreading family advice, and tracking down Oscar contenders. We rounded up the best articles that moms in need of lots of escapism and a bit of practical wisdom won’t want to miss this month.

in O Magazine, Hallie Ephron, a sister of Norah’s, and herself a suspense novelist, writes a moving homage to their mother, a woman who “cracked wise like Dorothy Parker and looked like Katharine Hepburn.”

In a piece packed with information about infertility, we learn in Essence that fifteen states require insurance coverage of infertility treatments among other interesting facts, figures, and personal stories about the often complicated journey to motherhood.

Karolina Kourkova was spotted on many a glossy page promoting her new realty TV show The Face. The 29 year-old supermodel, and mom of 3 year-old Tobin speaks to Marie Claire about mentorship. Meanwhile Jessica Alba opens up to Parents about her all natural family products business, the Honest Company.

In Style’s profile of dad of two Paul Rudd is harm-packed, appropriately for the man who rolls his eyes at being called “likeable” because he hears it so often. Essence features dad of four LL Cool J who shares of his parenting style, “what i don’t do is see how many things i can by for them. That would limit their hunger and desire to grow.” Vanity Fair’s analysis of Liam Neeson’s career ends with his portrayal in “raging dad saga,” The Searchers.

In O, a handy (and beautifully designed) chart documenting facts about milk substitutes reveals much, while Parents’ take-down of the convention of “snack” reveals the shocking amount of salt and sugar goes into a typical day in the life of snack-happy kids.

Town and Country breaks down everything you need to know about private school admissions and the results aren’t cheap, while O provides counsel to a generous mom who needs to focus realistically on her needs.

An essay in Marie Claire by Christa Parravani about coping with the death of her identical twin is an excerpt from a now much-anticipated memoir, Her, about a bond so strong its breaking was life-threatening.

Town and Country took to the gorgeously gray Ashford Castle in Ireland for an off kilter updoes and unexpected twists on classic royal style, while Max Weber’s homage to Hollywood glamor that takes up a generous chunk of Vanity Fair’s pages this month