The Best Coffee Shops for Moms

Looking for a cool cafe in Milan, Los Angeles, or New York? Our coffee-drinking moms spill the (shade-grown) beans on their favorite places.

Drinking coffee is essential to the sanity of most moms. And finding the best coffee shops in their neighborhoods has become something of a sport. Where I live in Brooklyn, there’s no shortage of cool cafes and great coffee. And I look forward to that sliver of time where I can down a shot of espresso or sip a latte in front of my laptop while the kids are in school. Here, the top coffee drinking spots in Los Angeles, New York, and Milan—as recommended by our caffeine-addicted Elizabeth Street moms.

The Best Italian-Style Coffee Place in Los Angeles

Caffe Luxxe
If a visually appealing latte is your thing then look no further than this Los Angeles cafe, inspired by cafes in Northern Italy. The baristas at Caffe Luxxe are well-schooled in the art of coffee and are required to participate in a three-month apprenticeship to perfect their espresso shots and foam artistry. Los Angeles mom Minnie Mortimer is a fan.<

The Best Organic Coffee Place in New York City

Jack’s Coffee
With three locations in Manhattan and one in the Hamptons, Jack’s Coffee is a true New York City gem. Jack’s was one of the first coffee shops in New York to offer organic, fair trade, and shade-grown coffee. When Jack started using milk from Hudson Valley Fresh, which is grass-fed and free of antibiotics and hormones, other coffee shops started following suit. Stella & Dot’s chief creative officer Blythe Harris is a regular at Jack’s West Village location.

The Best Lattes in Milan

Bianco Latte
Milan is not lacking in good espresso places, but when it comes to lattes, Bianco Latte is >the place to go. Their milky cups of goodness master the perfect froth versus espresso balance. Milan moms Valentina Scambia and Flora Coluccia< can be found at Bianco Latte, sipping their signature drink or tucking into a tasty sandwich.