Terrible Reasons to Stay in a Bad Marriage

Why do some people stick in loveless marriages? Whether it’s for the kids or it’s just too hard to move on, love, relationship and parenting experts Deborah Chelette-Wilson and John Condron explore what makes people stay put…even if divorce is in everyone’s best interest.

Condron reminds us that, although certain situations may seem obviously hopeless to us, there may be more going on behind the scenes: “The important thing to remember is that though others may label some or all of our reasons ‘stupid’, they have not lived our lives.”

“The first and most obvious reason that comes to mind is ‘for the sake of the children’. But the common wisdom on what is best for the children has shifted dramatically over the years. For example, until her own divorce in 1975, Ann Landers consistently advised couples to stay together for the sake of the children. Since then, it has become more common to hear that a ‘good divorce’ may be better for children than a bad marriage.”