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Terrence Duckett’s Net Worth 2024

Terrence Duckett is an American consultant who gained recognition after getting married to actress Jasmine Guy. Despite his decade-long marriage with a star, Duckett does not like sharing details about his personal life. However, on the personal front, Duckett seems to be quite vocal about his accomplishments. Terrence has previously worked as a consultant at Onpaceplus and even served as Director of Strategic Relationships at Soda and Lime. However, we are sure that you would want to learn more about Jasmine Guy’s ex-husband. Don’t worry, as we have got you covered! Today, we are going to learn more about his early life, education, family background, and even get a peek into Terrence Duckett’s net worth. 

Terrence Duckett Net Worth

As of 2024, Terrence Duckett’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Terrence Duckett’s Main income

Terrence Duckett’s primary source comes from his successful career as a consultant. He previously worked at Onpaceplus which is a healthcare provider in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Prior to this role, he served as the Director of Strategic Relationships at Soda and Lime for nine years. As of now, Duckett is the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Tickety which is a ticketing site. Consultants typically earn income through fees for their services, which can vary based on factors such as experience, expertise, and the scope of the project or contract. His career definitely gives a boost to Terrence Duckett’s net worth.

Terrence Duckett’s Other income

Duckett may also have secondary sources, further contributing to Terrence Duckett’s net worth. Given his background and experience, Duckett might generate additional income through investments, real estate holdings, or entrepreneurial ventures. Moreover, since he is a seasoned professional in the healthcare industry, there is a possibility that he might have some speaking engagements, workshops, or writing opportunities related to his field of expertise. Additionally, Duckett may have passive income streams such as dividends from investments or rental income from properties. 

Terrence Duckett Social Media Accounts

It is known that Terrence Duckett prioritizes professional networking over personal social media engagement. This explains a lot why he is only digitally available on LinkedIn which helps him showcase his professional expertise and connect with colleagues and potential clients within his industry. Here is his LinkedIn handle:

Terrence Duckett Personal Life, Stats & Facts

Duckett and Guy were introduced in 1997. They got married in the following year. The couple’s marriage lasted more than a decade. They were also blessed with a daughter, Imani on March 28, 1999. Following their split in 2010, Guy retained custody of Imani, who followed her mother’s footsteps and pursued a career in acting.

Terrence Duckett’s Rise to Fame

Terrence Duckett’s rise to fame primarily stems from his association with actress Jasmine Guy. While Duckett himself maintained a low-key existence, his marriage to Guy thrust him into the public eye. Their relationship, which started in 1997 culminated in marriage in 1998. This attracted quite a bit of media attention. As Guy’s husband, Duckett occasionally appeared alongside her at public events, including film festivals and awards ceremonies. However, his fame remained largely secondary to Guy’s prominent career as an actress, singer, and dancer. 

The couple’s divorce in 2010 further heightened public curiosity surrounding Duckett’s personal life. Despite the dissolution of their marriage, Duckett’s connection to Guy continued to spark interest in his life. 

One of the major reasons behind their divorce was discovered to be Duckett’s minimal involvement as a father. Thus, media soon prompted allegations against Duckett and blamed him for lack of recognition of his paternal responsibilities. Guy stated, “He was too busy for us.” Even legal disputes arose post-separation, leading to financial and emotional strain for Guy and her daughter. Duckett was subsequently ordered to pay $1469 monthly in child support. Guy filed further lawsuits due to Duckett’s delinquency in payments, claiming he owed $39,663 since May 2010. 

While he never sought fame for himself, Duckett’s association with a well-known figure like Jasmine Guy ensured that he remained a subject of public intrigue. If Terrence wanted, he could have captitalized on this attention, which could have boosted Terrence Duckett’s net worth to a whole new level. 

Terrence Duckett’s Early Life & Education

As mentioned earlier, Terrence Duckett wishes to maintain the privacy of his life. But there are scant details available about his family background or upbringing. Duckett was born in Boston, Massachusetts and later pursued education at the University of Lowa. However, information regarding his parents or siblings, if any, is not publicly disclosed. 

Stats & Facts

  • DOB- 22 May 1962 (61 years old)
  • Location- Pennsylvania, USA 
  • Height-Around 5 feet 9 inches (179 cm)
  • Marital status-Divorced

Terrence Duckett’s Net Worth in 2025?

Terrence Duckett’s net worth may see an increase in the coming years. With his respected and successful career as the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Tickety along with his potential involvement in other ventures, Duckett’s financial status seems to be quite promising. Moreover, as he progresses in his profession, he could secure higher-paying consulting contracts. Other than this, he may even try and explore avenues for investment or entrepreneurial endeavours. With prudent financial management and strategic decision-making, Terrence Duckett’s net worth has the potential to grow steadily in the future.