Address: 119 West 56th Street, New York , US
Website: leparkermeridien.tenoverten.com
Phone: 212 767 1010

With even more nail salons springing up all over the city, it’s easy to be dazed by the adverts for $20 mani/pedis that can leave your cuticles more raw than relaxed. Enter Tenoverten, whose mission is to make a manicure or pedicure a purely simple pleasure once more. Its luxe services include a 10-minute hot-stone massage followed by a hydrating-cream massage. The salon carries a variety of nontoxic polishes, and according to Margaret Zakaraian, “offers the best polish selection anywhere in the city.” You’ll leave feeling über relaxed, with beautiful and healthy nails. Tenoverten even caters to little ones who want to look like mom, so Zakarian often makes going to Tenoverten a “girly outing with my children.”