Simple Blow Dry Styles for Short Hair

Simple Blow-Dry Styles for Short Hair

While a short, cropped hairstyle minimizes daily styling time, utilizing targeted blow-drying techniques can take your chic pixie or bob to new heights. The right volumizing mousse, heat control, parting variations, texturizing methods, half-up placements, and clips tailored to your individual features and hair texture help short locks make a spectacular styling statement in minutes.

A few thoughtful, simple steps give you access to sensational, polished yet playful blow-dry results that transform cropped cuts from mundane to marvelous. Read on to discover flattering new ways to air dry, diffuse, smooth, sculpt and embellish your short strands for amplified style and shine.

You’ll never have a bad hair day again with these fabulous blow-drying tips designed just for short cuts.

Prep Strands for Maximum Fullness and Body

The key to tons of volume starts with prepping each strand to grab the round brush and hold a lift. Volumizing mousse coats hair evenly and creates grip.

Apply mousse from the roots through ends on towel-dried hair before blow drying. For even more volume, lightly backcomb hair at the crown with a tail comb to build height at the roots.

While drying, tip your head upside down and use a round ceramic brush to roll sections upward from ends to roots as you blow hot air through. Rolling sections while curved under creates incredible lift at the roots for all-over body.

Finish with a texturizing spray once cool to set voluminous shape all day. The right prep allows short hair to achieve sky-high volume easily.

Embrace Your Hair’s Natural Texture

Work with, not against, your unique texture. Define those luscious natural waves and curls.

For tight coils, gently stretch out sections with fingers after washing, then diffuse hair with low heat to avoid frizz. Allowing hair to air dry further enhances definition.

On wavy hair, scrunch in sea salt spray before diffusing for gorgeous texture. Twist random sections while diffusing to encourage waves. Air dry the last 20% for lightness.

Show off the beautiful natural movement you were born with by embracing easy scrunching and diffusing techniques.

Add Polished Shine

While an extra-shine treatment boosts radiance, thoughtfully aimed heat pressure also imparts light-reflecting sleekness. As you blow dry, use a paddle brush to smooth sections on top and sides lying flatter. Light tension brings uniformity and sheen.

Finish with a quick pass from a low-heat flat iron only where needed, like frizzy edges or crown cowlicks. Let luminosity shine through.

Change Up Style With Strategic Parting

Parting hair in different directions completely transforms short cuts by showcasing the lines from new angles.

For tons of volume and lift, create an off-center part and sweep longer layers from side to side, tucking the heavier side behind one ear. Or amp up volume by parting hair straight from forehead to nape for a flattering head-hugging frame.

Switching the usual part direction for asymmetry allows you to experience the versatility of short cuts. Parting creates big impact!

Elevate Style With Half-Up Styles

Half-up styles artfully gather just the right amount of hair to show off your cut’s shape and eye-catching texture. The perfect combo of polish and play.

Comb back hair at the crown, then clasp it into a tiny low ponytail or bun, leaving ends out to emphasize fun choppy layers. For polish, mist the crown area with finishing spray to look slick.

Or tie back only a small section on one side, letting the rest fall freely for volume and asymmetry. Half-up styles define short cuts gorgeously.

Finesse Your Front Fringe

An eye-catching fringe offers the perfect frame. Take time to finesse the fall and shape to flatter your features.

After washing, use a paddle brush and concentrated airflow to direct the lie of front fringe just so. Gently curve ends under for movement and bounce. Lock in the look with holding hairspray once cool.

For extra volume, blow dry fringe briefly toward the back of your head while lifting it at the roots. Then let it fall softly forward where desired. Whether swept side to side or straight down, a perfect fringe takes your cut next level.

Finish With Fun Accents

No need to stop at the blow-dry basics. Elevate your look further with pretty pins, clips and headbands designed for short hair.

Twist back small sections of hair before pinning for quick yet polished embellishment. Place bejeweled bobby pins or patterned clips strategically to emphasize different features.

Show off your jewelry and makeup better by tucking one side behind the ear while clipping back the other side loosely. Accessories add spirit to short styles.


With the right techniques and products, short hair can achieve spectacular volume, texture definition, sleekness, partings, half-updos and accessorizing that takes any cropped cut to the next level. Adjust blow drying to flatter your individual facial features. Prep, roll, diffuse and finesse sections mindfully.

Show off your chic short style beautifully with quick yet gorgeous blow-dry tips tailored just for you.