Send Your Oscar Party Guests Home With This DIY Swag Bag

Didn’t get an invitation to the Academy Awards this year? Don’t sweat it. Who wants to spend a month on a crash diet and then squeeze into a dress thinking you look spectacular, only to be totally deconstructed and criticized by the fashion police lining the red carpet? Besides, the good seats are all reserved for nominees vying for the little gold man.

Instead, grab a prime viewing seat around your flat screen, invite over some pals and throw your own Oscars bash. You can even do it up in black tie and gowns, if you want to live vicariously through the television set. In addition to preparing party-ready appetizers and classy champagne cocktails, as well as the requisite voting ballots for your betting pool, your guests will definitely need a goody bag. After all, what are the Oscars all about if not fashion and swag?

Party designer extraordinaire Amy Atlas has come up with a great craft to send your guests home with a little something. “They are super cute and so easy to make,” says Amy. “After you make them, fill a cellophane bag with candy or our Walk of Fame Brownies, tie with ribbon and put inside the bag. Easy breezy.”

For the full tutorial, head over to Amy’s site. Need a little teaser to get your tongue sharpened for some serious red carpet critiquing?