Salone del Mobile: KidsroomZoom!

Now in its sophomore run titled “We Never Give Up!” KidsroomZoom teaches children to be creative and dream big

Combine the idea that art imitates life with the fact that children imitate their parents and the genius behind KidsRoomZoom! becomes evident. A project that introduces children to art and design by way of uniquely curated spaces designed especially for them, KidsRoomZoom! provides the kind of creative inspiration that speaks to children as well as adults. (They operate on the belief that all men have been children—adapted from Maurizio Nannucci’s neon artwork All Art Has Been Contemporary.)

Now in its sophomore run titled We Never Give Up! the project is housed in an exquisite apartment at via Mellerio in Milan. The “house” features child-friendly functionality by artists and designers, including Martina Della Valle and Giovanni Casellato—whose whimsy sculptures can be seen in the New York store of Il Gufo, an event sponsor. A library—created by Vogue Bamibini’s Oriana Picceni—and outdoor garden help complete the atmosphere, which as a whole encourages children to act like kings and queens for the day. Creative parents will delight in watching their child interact with some of Salone del Mobile’s most innovative pieces, and might even learn a thing or two about what makes their little ones’ creative wheels turn.

Over at via G.B. Vico 1, event organizer Unduetrestella’s space houses a working kitchen, giving children the freedom to dabble in the culinary arts. A scary thought—but the value of getting children excited about cooking is not lost on the modern mom (nor are the adorable aprons, designed by Maria Piovano).

Aside from the installations, a number of artist- and designer-hosted workshops will take place between April 17 and 22. Chef Maria Castellano will teach children how to cook alongside their parents, and Puella creator April Barbara Barbantini will guide them through the screen-printing process. Bring your own canvas cloth in order to take home your child’s finished product – the possible start of his or her very own oeuvre