Address: Via dei Giubbonari , Rome , IT
Phone: +39 06 687 5287

According to Francesca Leoni, Roscioli is still the “best-kept secret” in Rome. “It’s like dining in a delicatessen,” she says. A delicatessen that serves foie gras, that is. The restaurant is actually a delicatessen of sorts, with various meats, cheeses, canned goods, and other items for sale in the front, but in the back you can experience fine dining and wine tasting. “Dinner for me starts and ends with the most incredible selection of cheeses paired with a bottle of red wine and bread that they make in their bakery across the street. The menu is extensive in all that is divine!” says Leoni. The reason it’s relatively unknown is that the main dining areas are located in wine cellar-like rooms with cavernous ceilings and exposed brick. The bottles of wine that fill the space also add to the underground atmosphere.