Pregnant Marissa Mayer Named Yahoo CEO

High-powered Google exec is not only transitioning to Yahoo, but also from career woman to working mom

Just hours after Marissa Mayer publicized her shift in search engine allegiance, the former Google exec and spokeswoman tacked an addendum onto the announcement: she is also six months pregnant. The news came out via twitter, where it was framed as “another piece of good news today.” Mayer and her husband of two years, Zack Brogue, are expecting a baby boy.

At the somewhat ripe age of 37, the Wisconsin native has already had quite the career—a trajectory that includes a role as Google’s first female engineer. As for the child rearing, perhaps the domestic seed was already planted, as Mayer has proclaimed her love for baking, and was recently named the first woman to hold a spot on Wal-Mart’s board of directors.

Still, it’s not everyday that a woman’s family life and career accelerate with such harmonious (and potentially schedule-complicating) concurrence. Mayer has proved herself more than capable of controlling factions of billion dollar companies and dressing to the nines, but now the world is waiting to see how adept she is at juggling.