Pregnancy News: Heidi Powell is Expecting

Heidi Powell is a fitness guru who definitely understands the hectic schedule of working moms. With her five-minute workouts on Elizabeth Street, Powell has helped us get ready for all those fun-filled days at the beach without missing a single school event or work meeting. “A great exercise routine can just take five minutes a day,” she told us, and we owe her big thank you for that.

Along with our gratitude, we also want to offer her our congratulations—Powell and her husband Chris are expecting a new little bundle of joy. With an adorable brood already in tow, the Powells will be welcoming a new baby come November.

“We feel so blessed to have three amazing kids between us, and now to have a fourth on the way? Unbelievable and amazing!” Powell tells People.

With three children already, an incredible career as a trainer, and a new web series on, Powell seems to have her hands full. But we are certain that, even with a fourth child on the way, she will continue to tackle all of life’s to-dos seamlessly. From the previews of Meet the Powell Pack, we are in awe with how she does it all. As she says: “With every challenge we become stronger.”

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