Power Moms on The Move: Lisa Ling is a New Mom

Former The View co-host and correspondent for The Oprah Winfrey Show Lisa Ling has gone through some trying times. A few years ago, her sister was detained by the North Korean government for alleged espionage (she has since been released). She also suffered two miscarriages after trying to have a child with husband Paul Song. But now, the host of OWN’s Our America With Lisa Ling has a great deal to celebrate: Ling is the new mom to an adorable baby girl, Jett. With a busy travel schedule and little time to spend with her husband, her pregnancy was a pleasant surprise.

“My travel schedule is erratic, and I only saw Paul once a month, so it was a shock. We had considered adoption, but we got very lucky. We believe this is the child we were suppose to have,” she tells Us Weekly.

With a mom as a news correspondent and a dad as the chief medical officer for Cytotech, we are certain that Jett will grow up to conquer the world—she is, after all, named after one of the world’s best martial artists. “I am a huge fan of martial arts and Jet Li, so I loved the name Jett,”

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