Power Moms on The Move: Gwyneth Paltrow and Natalie Portman are Starring in the Biggest Superhero Films of 2013

One thing that children look forward to during the summer is the big Hollywood blockbuster. Flying jet planes, large robots, and magic wizards give children a sense of escape. And isn’t that what summer is—a prolonged escape from school? Last year, The Avengers reigned at the box office. And now, the merry band of Marvel superheroes has returned to hold court at the top of the charts. With Iron Man 3 hitting theaters next week, moviegoers will be thrilled to watch the action-packed adventures of Tony Stark and his dilemma with having a personal life with Pepper Potts or continuing the good fight against evil. Starring one of our favorite moms Gwyneth Paltrow, the Iron Man Series is an example of how many moms and Academy Award winning actresses are jumping the into action movies.

And just like Paltrow, new mommy Natalie Portman will also reprise her role in another Marvel adventure. The sequel for Thor: The Dark World was released yesterday and shows Portman’s character Jane Foster traveling to the mystical realm of Valhalla. Set for a November release date, Thor: The Dark World comes just in time for those kids who are going through summer-action-movie-withdrawal.