Our Favorite Beauty Products for Pregnancy…And Afterward

The first time I was pregnant, I had the luxury of loads of time to pamper my body. My belly was massaged and moisturized to prevent stretch marks, my feet soaked and scrubbed to keep swelling at bay, and my face was babied with masks and creams to keep my hormones from destroying my skin.

At five-months-pregnant (and with a two-year-old daughter), I have significantly less time to care for myself–but I’m still finding time to squeeze a few things in as they really make a difference in how I look…and feel. I won’t skip my bedtime foot massage; it makes my tired tootsies feel so much better after a long day on my feet. I also make time for face masks and exfoliating, just not as often.

Pregnancy is such an exciting time, and it’s pretty easy to feel awesome once your second trimester hormones are coursing through your body. A few easy beauty tweaks can only enhance that! You don’t need to totally reinvent your beauty routine, but taking the time to do a few special things for yourself during this majorly major time for your body is really worth it. Read on through the above slideshow for some must-have body and beauty products that will have everyone telling you that you have that “pregnancy glow.” No need to tell them that you had a little help from the beauty aisle.