One Mom Tells Us How to Get An Hermès Bag For Mother’s Day

I love that my son, Lucas, is now old enough to come up with his own Mother’s Day ideas. He is so thoughtful! Last year, he asked my assistant, Lailee, to help him surprise me with a gift for Mother’s Day.

One day after work, Lailee came over for a “secret meeting” with Lucas. Lucas told her that he had saved forty dollars from the tooth fairy to buy me an Hermès Kelly bag. The Hermès bag has been a long-standing joke between Lucas, his father and I, so the idea was both funny and thoughtful. He wanted to give me the bag, flowers and coupons. Together, Lucas and Lailee downloaded and printed an amazing DIY template for a Kelly bag off of the Hermès website (no longer available there–see our downloads in the slideshow above) and created a beautiful keepsake for me.

They printed the iconic bag on a heavyweight white paper and Lucas colored it in with crayons and added photos with double-stick tape. Next, Lailee cut his design out with a box-cutter. Then they taped the bag together and filled the Kelly with “coupons” that Lucas hand-wrote on red construction paper for things he knows I would love–from a hug or a kiss to a 90-second cuddle!

Mother’s Day morning, Lucas came into my room (at 4:48am, as he always does) with a beautiful arrangement of white roses that he had cut from our garden and sneakily hidden in his bedroom the night before. He placed the flowers on my bedside table and climbed into bed and proudly presented me with the special gift that he had thought up and created himself. It was such a sweet gift; I was so surprised and excited that I redeemed my first 90-second cuddle on the spot!