Oh, Tannenbaum!

Turning the lights on, around the world

Nothing says Christmas more than a…Christmas tree, of course! And watching the lighting of the city tree is a beloved tradition for kids the world over. So, which trees are the most spectacular? The most famous one is the tree at Rockefeller Center in New York. This year, the magnificent Norwegian spruce, covered in around 30,000 lights, will light up on November 28th. (Once the holidays are over it will be recycled into toys for the animals at the Bronx Zoo). In London, the tree at the center of Trafalgar Square will light up on December 6th, marking the beginning of the Holiday season. The London tree is a gift from the Norwegians who have been donating to the English since 1947, a thank you for their support during World War II. The most glamorous tree is the stunner that appeared on November 6th inside the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, decorated with Swarovski ornaments. On December 5th, Romans will be able to visit a beautiful 80-foot white fir in Piazza San Pietro, in the Vatican. The tallest tree in the world, coming in at an astounding 2,460 feet tall and 1,476 feet wide, is lit on Mount Ignino in Italy’s Umbria. How about you? Do you have any amazing trees in your hometown?